3D Printed Sonico Headphones


I like how the character Super Sonico is always depicted wearing these funky headphones she wears. It makes me think of her as some kind of avatar of enjoying music. So when I found myself with the perfectly reasonable desire to build myself a pair of headphones, I decided to model them after hers.

Sonico wearing the funky headphones she wears.

I started out with a pair of Sony MDRZX100’s, and threw out everything other than the cable and the drivers. I then went online to look at pics of Sonico’s headphones, and do some sketches of how I wanted mine to look. After that I took some measurements and did some sketches of how to make them fit together mechanically.


I modeled the components to be printed in blender, and 3d printed them. I also 3d printed a jig for bending coat-hanger wire to make the headband supports.

For those of you interested, I’ve uploaded the stl (3d printable) files to dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/o99bfvdiau8xubx/AADqSSwsHmu2ioxWyUxLzo_Sa?dl=0


I was interested in making them flash along to the beat of my music. So I bought some bjt’s, and soldered some leds and a connection to a 9 volt battery into the circuit. The threshold of the bjt’s I got are a bit higher than I was expecting though, so I need to turn the music up pretty high to get a noticeable strobing effect. I’ll upload a video if anyone comments with interest.

For the head-strap I used velcro tape from the local hardware store. I was thinking I would sew a custom strap and sew velcro onto it, but it turns out the velcro tape makes a comfortable strap on its own.

The earmuffs were interesting. I could have used the original Sony muffs, but I found them small and uncomfortable, so I decided to try sewing my own. For each muff I cut out two rings that just fit around my ears. I sewed them together with strips of fabric such that they could be stuffed with memory foam rings. I had a bit of trouble cutting the memory foam at first, but it was only 1 inch thick, so I found that cutting it with scissors worked well. If I was doing more of them I might want to build something like this.

All in all they where probably more work than they are worth, but I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.

Thanks for reading. Sorry I didn’t remember to take more pictures of the process. Hope you enjoyed anyway.


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